About Us

The Black Hawk County Attorney’s Office employs eighteen (18) attorneys in addition to the elected County AttorneyThis makes the Black Hawk County Attorney’s Office one of the largest “legal firms” in Black Hawk County. The Black Hawk County Attorney’s Office prosecutes all state criminal misdemeanors and felonies that occur in Black Hawk County. The office also enforces county ordinances and other state laws applicable to Black Hawk County. The office is divided into six (5) divisions. They are as follows:

1. Criminal Prosecution
The Criminal Prosecution Division is the largest division in the office. The attorneys that work within this division are specialized into the following areas: Felonies, Misdemeanors, Domestic Abuse, OWI, Felony Drug Offenses, Parole / Probation Violations, and Post-conviction Relief

2. Civil
The Civil Division works with the County Attorney in serving as legal counsel for all elected officials and department heads.

3. Juvenile Justice
The Juvenile Division contains two (2) attorneys. This division prosecutes (adjudicates) criminal offenses (delinquencies) committed by juvenile offenders. It is also responsible for Child In Need Of Assistance proceedings as well as Termination of Parental Rights.

4. Fine Collections
The Fine Collection Div ision consists of two (5) paralegals who work collecting delinquent restitution, fines, surcharges, court costs and attorney fees. The County is able to return 35% of the defendant fines, etc. In order for an account to be delinquent so that the County Attorney can collect on it, it must be at least 30 days past an installment payment agreement date or six (6) months past the date which it was due. This unit has been extremely successful and has collected over $650,000.00 since December of 1995.

5. Victim Services
The Victim-Witness Division serves to assist victims and witnesses involved in the criminal justice system. This includes assisting victims with victim impact statements, restitution and crime victim compensation assistance. It also includes assisting victims and witnesses in referrals to counseling, outside agencies and the court process.

Above all else, the role of the County Attorney’s Office is to do justice.